Credit Report Protection

Cost should not prevent you from achieving financial freedom.


Improving your credit score can be an overwhelming and exhausting process. Most credit repair companies charge hundreds of dollars for their services and no one can honestly guarantee positive results.

We thought a new approach was required.

By offering a free credit repair service that specializes in collection account removals, we have been able to help more than 100,000 clients improve their credit and see a brighter financial future.

Why should I enroll in Collection Shield 360?

  • Over 80 million Americans have an account in collections.

  • Collection accounts can remain on your reports for 7 years.

  • Over 50% of all collection accounts which we dispute are deleted.

CS360 offers two membership options, Basic and Premium.

Basic membership provides 100% free credit repair. This option requires you to enter your collection account details manually.

Premium membership provides a much faster and simpler credit repair process. This option requires an active account.

provides updated credit reports and scores from Transunion to automate your credit repair disputes and results. The discounted monthly fee is the only cost associated with our Premium Membership.

Decide which one works best for you:


Credit Repair Disputes

  • 1 per Month

Credit Repair Profile

  • Manual
  • Manual
  • Manual

Credit Reports

  • Manually Entered Reports
  • No Credit Card Required.
+ -
  • Retrieve a copy of your most recent Credit Reports from the Credit Bureaus.
  • Identify and enter your Collection Account details to start your Credit Repair Disputes.
  • Update the status of your Collection Accounts every 30-45 days.


Credit Repair Disputes

  • 3 per Month

Credit Repair Profile

  • Automatic
  • Automatic
  • Automatic

Credit Reports

  • Reports
  • $1 Signup Fee. Cancel Anytime.
+ -
  • Only $9.48/Month after your FREE 2 Months.
  • Updated Reports & Scores from Transunion.
  • Credit Monitoring with Live Alerts.
  • Money Manager & Credit Building tools.
  • $1,000,000 ID Theft Insurance.
  • Purchase a 3 Bureau Credit Report anytime ($29.99).

Why do we offer free credit repair?

To help you towards your financial goals we are able to recommend products and services, tailored to your specific needs.

If you choose any of these offers, we are compensated by the institution offering the service.

  • Credit Cards

  • Personal Loans

  • Identity Theft Insurance

  • Money Management Tools

  • Credit Monitoring

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