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Collection Shield 360 Benefits

The Collection Shield 360 service offers its members complete peace of mind with protection against Debt Collection Harassment. Members receive benefits valued at thousands of dollars. Benefits include:

  • Credit reporting protection: On average, we remove 8 out of 10 collection accounts from our client credit reports.
  • Credit score repair: Our clients typically see a credit score increase of between 50 to 120 points.

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Debt Collector harassment


Is Membership FREE?

You will never have to provide a credit card to be enrolled in Collection Shield 360.

You will never be responsible to pay Collection Shield 360 any fees!

How Do I Enroll?

Enrollment in Collection Shield 360 is complete upon signing a retainer agreement. This simple process authorizes Collection Shield 360 to correspond with Debt Collection Agencies and Credit Reporting Bureaus on your behalf. Protection Starts Immediately.

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Debt collector harassment